Major Current Services

  • Hulling members Kiboko coffee and purchase the outcome FAQ coffee and grade it for export market for better returns.
  • Grading FAQ coffee for the members into exportable grades/screens
  • Mobilize farmers to form marketing cooperative societies and bulk their coffee at their stores for collective marketing.
  • Provide market, production extension and information services to members from Fair-Trade International and UCDA.
  • Provide Agro-processing of farmers coffee to add value for better markets both Internationally and Locally.
  • Provide crop finance advance to member primary societies to improve their liquidity for cash payment to farmers who deliver the produce [coffee].
  • Provide storage for farmers’ produce/coffee while in the value chain process before final marketing.
  • Encourage women to economically participate and own the crop in the value chain system for final direct economic benefit for their contribution.
  • Advise farmers on effects of poor land utilization practice [Land Degradation Practice].