Product Flow


  • A well maintained coffee plantation by farmers.
  • Ripe/ ready berries are harvested.
  • Proper drying is done on tarpaulins and to the required standards after which it is bagged.
  • Farmers Transport their coffee to respective Primary Societies.


  • Proper storage of coffee in a good store is done ready for processing into FAQ which is transported to Union Branch.
  • Coffee is bagged and weighed after processing it into (FAQ).
  • It’s then stored and stacked on pallets.
  • FAQ is then transported to grading plant.


  • Sampling, weighing and measure of the moisture content is done at the grading plant.
  • Detection of the out turn percentage is also done here.
  • FAQ is then graded into exportable grades/ screens and during the grading process, coffee is sampled to a certain it’s retention.
  • After grading, bagging and weighing is done.
  • Graded coffee is then taken to the stores.
  • Sorting /hand picking is done to remove the foreign matters.
  • Standardization of sorted coffee is done.
  • It is then taken to the export store where it is stacked on pallets.
  • Pre shipment samples are drawn from different lots and sent to the buyers for approval.
  • Upon approval, bag marking is done.
  • Export documentation is then done.


  • Transportation to the inspection center where coffee is inspected by Uganda Coffee Development Authority (UCDA) and Ministry of Agriculture Animal Industry and Fisheries (MAAIF) is done.
  • Samples are drawn by UCDA Officials to determine the quality of coffee.
  • Tallying, Fumigation of coffee is done at this level.
  • Coffee is sealed by both the clearing agent and UCDA Official once the results are good.
  • Final documentation is done and coffee is handed over to the forwarders for onward transportation to the port (MOMBASA).