About Us

Banyankole Kweterana Co-operative Union (BKCU), is a registered Co-operative Union No.1490 with Registrar of Co-operatives, Uganda Government and registered on 7th May, 1958. BKCU is a secondary Union formed by 350 registered shareholder members. Banyankole Kweterana means “People of Ankole region working together”. It's member base consits of Co-operative coffee farmer societies in the 10 districts of Ankole region i.e. Mbarara, Sheema, Ntungamo, Kiruhura, Isingiro, Mitooma, Bunyarugura, Bushenyi, Rubirizi and Buhweju. BKCU Ltd is an Offfical Coffee Export facility licenced by the Ugandan Coffee Development Authority (UCDA). BKCU is a member-owned Co-operative Union limited with shared capital and jointly owned by its members who meet annually in the General Assembly. The General Assembly, which is the highest decision making body, delegates its authority to a seven-member Board of Directors who are democratically elected every two years and meet on a quarterly basis.

Main business Activity

The Union mainly deals in Coffee Advisory Services, Processing and Marketing Members Coffee both locally and internationally.

Area of Activity:

a) Improved production and productivity enhancement.

b) Strengthening the farmers (Members primary societies) institutional leadership capacity.

c) Purchase, Agro-processing and marketing of farmers (member primary societies) coffee.


Okweterana Omuri Ankole. Which means “Co-operation in Ankole Region”


A vibrant, Member-centered Co-operative Union in Ankole Region of Uganda.


To provide efficient production and marketing services to members.


Integrity, Transparency, Fairness, Honesty and Accountability.


Result Oriented, Teamwork, Image respect, Co-operative Promotion, Member Centred, Respect for Co-operative Principles and Loyalty to own Co-operative